The Graveyard Tournament will have the following minimum protocols:

1)      COVID-19 CDC recommendations and tips are continually sent out to all team members on all our communications and website.

2)      Added day: we have added an extra day to the program to reduce the number of people at the facility on a single day.

3)      Added field spacing: we have eliminated the center activity field to provide more spacing for student athletes and spectators. They will be located at each end of a normal football field.

4)      Field entrance/exit protocol: there will be dedicated field entrances and exits that will be clearly marked to provide social distancing.

5)      Limited family members: only immediate household members will be able to attend.

6)      Designated spectator area: each field will have a designated spectator area along each field instead of the central grandstands. This will provide more space for social distancing.

7)      Designated group area: a designated group area will be provided with social distancing requirements enforced. Areas will be visibly marked with paint.

8)      Only one (1) main entrance: there will only be one (1) main entrance to the venue. Entrance and exits will be clearly marked for social distancing.

9)     Team tents are permitted as long as spectators and players practice social distancing.

10)   Food trucks: we have reduced the number of food trucks to help with social distancing. They will be placed at the end of the facility to provide ample room for business.

11)   Central activity coordinator: all activities will be managed by a central activity coordinator. This reduces the touching of field equipment by group members or spectators.

12)   Water: all members are to provide their own water supply. We have eliminated the central field Gatorade coolers.

13)   Public facilities: public restrooms will be provided and clearly marked for social distancing. Hand wash stations and/or sanitizing stations will be provided.

14)   Additional medical personnel: there will be an additional licensed sports medicine professional each day to attend injuries and overall monitoring.

15)   Elimination of golf cart service: we have eliminated the golf cart service for groups and spectators.

16)   CDC/Local health department recommendations: all recommendations of masks/social distancing/sanitizing will be posted/recommended/enforced.