Big Dog Lacrosse is Stark County and Ohio's premier year round youth lacrosse club in Canton, Oh, for boys lacrosse and girls lacrosse providing beginner lacrosse, intermediate lacrosse, and advanced lacrosse players. The premier Stark county youth lacros

BIG DOG: [bigāˆ™dog]; adjective - a good sportsman; strong faith; humble;
gets the job done by hard work, determination, and a never quit attitude; gives 110%
What to expect with Big Dog Lacrosse:
Every player is taught the skills needed to compete at a higher level. Our coaching staff provides an environment that forces the players to think outside the box, improvise, and play instinctively. Our teams are not determined by the wins and losses but by the development success in our players. This is a program for players that are committed to playing the sport and to themselves. Player development is the main focus of our programs. They must be willing to live the "Big Dog" motto.
How we do it:
We use lacrosse to identify, develop, and execute each players inner strengths to grow as an individual as well as to the team. Our coaching staff understands that young players grow at different rates and we work with players as individuals to maximize their talents to be successful. We will provide them with the tools to aid them in taking their talent to the next level.
Who makes the team:
We will be holding evaluation sessions to place players on the correct team. We will not be having "cut" tryouts so anyone can enjoy the summer travel team experience. However, there may be players that may not be ready for competitive travel play. All high school players will have a chance at the covenanted "SELECT" team in which the top 20 players will play very competitive team with recruiting implications. 

Age groups offered:
Big Dog Lacrosse will be offering U13, U15, and HS teams for the summer and fall.
Here are how you determine which age group you qualify for:

Are you a "BIG DOG"?