Big Dog Lacrosse is Stark County and Ohio's premier year round youth lacrosse club in Canton, Oh, for boys lacrosse and girls lacrosse providing beginner lacrosse, intermediate lacrosse, and advanced lacrosse players. The premier Stark county youth lacros

BIG DOG:[big dog]; adjective – a good sportsman, strong faith, humble; gets the job done by hard work, determination, never give up attitude, and always gives 110%

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Big Dog Lacrosse's definition is what every player will experience in our program. We don't use lacrosse as a sport, we use lacrosse as the tool to develop a players inner strengths to make them successful and confident on and off the field.

Lacrosse enables us to place a player on the field where they have the best chance of being successful. A players confidence will be displayed both on and off the field as they progress in their lives
. We develop young players that have dreams of playing college lacrosse at some level and we develop players that want to commit themselves to being a better person.

We expect a lot from our players. The only way they will walk the path of success is if they are willing to put in the effort to succeed. Players must earn their spot on teams and leagues. Life's path is not always easy and we help young men and women how to handle adversity and have the strength to keep moving forward.


School Non-Affiliation Statement
The use of a school name is not intended to imply any affiliation between Big Dog Lacrosse and the school or school district (public or private). Big Dog Lacrosse references are often made according to the school or schools where kids attend. The use of any school name in Big Dog Lacrosse is only intended to assist kids, parents and adults to easily locate communities where Big Dog Lacrosse players exist.