Big Dog Lacrosse is Stark County and Ohio's premier year round youth lacrosse club in Canton, Oh, for boys lacrosse and girls lacrosse providing beginner lacrosse, intermediate lacrosse, and advanced lacrosse players. The premier Stark county youth lacros


The Big Dog Lacrosse skill clinics provides year round training that is ideal for establishing, improving and mastering the individual skills needed to be an outstanding lacrosse player. We offer classes for beginners through college prep athletes. These are not just clinics that are grouped by age, but rather real classes where your child can develop the specific skills needed to be successful on the field. 

At the end of each session your child will receive an evaluation which will detail what your child still needs to work on. Sometimes we may recommend that your child take a session a second time if he/she has not mastered the skills needed to move to the next level and be successful.


For players who are new to the sport or less experienced. This is a fun-intensive course, meant to grow a love of the sport while educating on the elementary skills taught within our program. This is a perfect class for beginner players who are unsure if they want to pursue the sport, and players who want to gain more confidence before they move into more skill intensive development.


This is designed for players with 2 years of experience or less. They will be taught the exection of fundamental skills as well as offensive and defensive techniques. Players new to the Academy are not allowed to skip to Level 2 (no matter what their previous playing history). Everyone must take Level 1 before being eligible to move on to more advanced training.


This is designed for players with 3 years or more playing experience. They will be taught the execution of advanced skills as well as highly technical offensive and defensive concepts.